Innovation in Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry Series #2


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Monday June 19, 2017

Deloitte Office (Calgary)

850 2nd Street SW

Calgary, AB

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A fundamental skill for service companies to develop is understanding deeply how producers make money, how their service creates super economic value for producers beyond competitive alternatives, and then capturing that value through account management and pricing/sales strategies.  In this session, we will take a case study approach to showing how to evaluate services provided in customer economic value generation terms, how to drive service innovation based on increased value generation, and how to package, price and sell services to the producer organization to capture that value.  We will explore through the case studies how serve providers can increase profits through such an approach, and how to overcome potential challenges from the producer’s supply management organization.

Join PSAC for the second Innovation in Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry Series breakfast session.

In this session, we will cover:

  1. Pricing dynamics in the Oil and Gas industry, different approaches to pricing, and benefits of a value based pricing approach
  2. Tactics for moving out of a lowest cost game, and getting paid for value you generate for customers
  3. The different ways that companies leak value generation and value they are able to capture
  4. Challenges to overcome, and practical steps to move towards improvement of earnings through a value based pricing approach
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